Naturally grown produce. Grass fed meats.

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Burkel Family Farm

Fredonia, WI 


We also have a healthy population of chickens, which provide us with eggs as well as meat.

Our chickens have access to fresh, green pastures every day with absolutely no antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by products in their diet.  This results in large, all-natural birds that are both flavorful and naturally better for you.  We adopt similar practices for our egg layers, which results in bright yellow yolks that are packed with vitamins and nutrients.  



Eggs                                                 $3.50/doz

Whole Chicken                             $3.25/lb

Stewing/Soup Chickens               $5.00 each

Skinless Chicken Breasts             $7.25 /lb 

Chicken Tenders                          $7.25 /lb 

Chicken Legs and Thighs            $2.25/lb 

Chicken Wings                              $4.00/lb 

Chicken Gizzards                          $10/lb

Chicken Hearts                             $10/lb

Chicken Livers                              $10/lb

Chicken Backs, Necks                  By Request

                  & Feet

Burkel Family Farm