For your convenience, our beef can be purchased as either whole, half, or a limited selection of cuts. Cuts may be purchased at any time. 


Our price is $3.25 per pound hanging weight plus processing charges.  We will arrange delivery to a local butcher shop, and at that point, the customer will specify what cuts they would prefer. 


A $50 deposit and contact information are required. 


Naturally grown produce. Grass fed meats.

Telephone:  920.980.5856

Burkel Family Farm

Fredonia, WI 

We have a small herd of grass fed pasture raised Black Angus Cows 

We raise Black Angus cattle on strict diet of fresh green pastures with absolutely no antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by products.  This results in large, lean animals with good meat characteristics that have higher levels of both health promoting omega-3 and conjugated linoleic fatty acids.  They are well-flavored and naturally better for you. 


Burkel Family Farm